The Retail Pop-up Program


Program Overview

The Retail Pop-Up Program offers a series of workshops designed to help small businesses with operations, develop pop-up plans, secure adequate funding, learn financial literacy, and create a market for their business ideas to prepare the entrepreneur for their Pop-up to Permanent lease.

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is to stimulate the economy in the lower income, underserved, high crime neighborhoods and create a vibrant, urban atmosphere that will draw consumers and jobs to these areas.  

Program Process

The Retail Pop-up Program is a 10 week term that will begin with a “call to the community” for applications, which are reviewed by the selection committee. Finalist are selected and the top seven businesses are chosen to participate. It will consist of three stages: Education, Location, Transition.

Program Application Qualifications

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How to Apply

Submit a completed application (coming soon)

Program Contacts

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